npm i [-g|-D|-S] @puresamari/spb

Getting started

After you installed the spb application the easiest way to get started is using the init command. Here is a step by step guide for it.

  1. npm i -g @puresamari/spb

  2. spb init

    1. Select the directory where spb should be created (leave empty if you want to init it in your current directory).

    2. Select the directory where spb should compile into (leave empty for dist)

    3. Select the files you want to compile (Add files one by one. To finish just leave the field empty and hit enter)

  3. spb dev-server -c config.spb.json

If you want to run it in your local enviroment do:

  1. npm i -D @puresamari/spb

  2. npx spb init

    1. Same instructions as above

  3. npx spb dev-server -c config.spb.json

Created by Simon Rothert